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Project Description

STSdb 4.0 is a high-performance, scallable, open-source .NET database. Its innovative core uses WaterfallTree indexing data structure, which allows it to solve one of the most fundamental problems in the database world – speed degradation of real-time random keys indexing. It achieves blazing write speeds with both random and sequential keys. STSdb 4.0  can maintain multiple indexes without harming the overall performance.

Key features

WaterfallTree™ Technology

  • Fast real-time indexing
  • Fast random key inserts
  • Fast parallel inserts in multiple tables
  • Outstanding performance with sequential keys
  • Parallel engine architecture that works blazing on multi-core machines

IData Technology

STSdb 4.0 uses IData technology, which allows users to work directly with their own types, without having to write additional code.

You can combine and nest almost any types. For each type T, using on the fly code generation, the IData engine automatically generates the appropriate code environment - for compare, equality compare, serialization, deserialization etc.

IData makes the database independent from the user types, while providing the users with the possibility to work directly with them. The code is generated using .NET expressions, so there is no performance impact.

Parallel Vertical Compressions

The built-in compressions are light, but they can achieve high compression ratio. Like IData, for each TKey/TRecord type the compressions are generated with .NET expressions, so there is no performance penalty.

Fully Managed Code

STSdb 4.0 is written with 100% fully managed code without using third party components. There are no platform dependencies - STSdb4 can run on both Windows OS and Linux distributions (using Mono).

Client/Server support

STSdb 4.0 can be used as an embedded database, but there is also a client/server support. The server is running on .NET platform. There are clients for the following languages:

  • C#
  • Java
  • C++ (beta)

Other Features

  • Store millions of records and multi-terabytes of data
  • BigData ready
  • Highly tuned memory management
  • Execute point and range operations
  • Fully customizable and extendable operations
  • Heap garbage collector
  • Efficient sparse files
  • LINQ ready
  • Thread-safe

More information

Comparison between STSdb 4.0 and STSdb R3.5

The main difference between STSdb 4.0 and STSdb R3.5 are their backbones. STSdb R3.5 uses a Radix-tree technology that is a space-optimized tree data structure suitable for real-time data and sequential inserts. STSdb 4.0 is based on W-tree data structure, that effectively solves one of the most fundamental problems in the database world - random keys indexing. The new 4.0 version also works blazing with sequential keys and supports multiple indexes over multiple tables without performance impact.

Get Involved

The STSdb team is committed to open community participation and accepts code contributions today. We encourage community participation at all levels from general project feedback to bug fixes and patches. 

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